These are the times we’ve been stuck in, feeling out of luck in, sometimes its even hard to give fuck in
But honestly I know it builds character, even when they stare at ya, keep your head up don’t let them tear at ya
A beautiful life although the money comin’ slow, remember slow better than no. Remember love's better when it glows.
Together we will grow, and things are getting better I know.
So whether sun shining, I'll be fine and right on time, Ill be findin’
You can bet your last bottom dollar that if the rain shuts me down today, I'll be back tomorrow

I keep singin’ my songs. Givin’ thanks and praises. Lettin’ it be heard that I’m thankful for these days. And there is not a man alive who can make me feel poor. Cause what I got is worth much more.
I’ve got air and water and love. Friends that I’m certain are gifted from above.
And everything thats new to me is an opportunity so I’m gonna grow(x2) And you can grow too.

Even though its difficult we gotta keep movin’, keep improvin’, gotta keep our heart beat boomin’. Honestly there really isn’t any other way, to be happy, be grateful for everyday you wake.
Even when your strugglin’, gotta cop a hustle, man I know how it be when your belly be rumblin’.
I been hungry too, so I know how hungry do, and if you need assistance brother just ask, I got you...
If you need a hand, I said I got you, yeah.


I used to fight, beg, borrow, and steal. My ego was so big that i couldn’t even kneel.
but now I do it daily, and maybe just maybe, this is what saved me, I did away with crazy.
I stay humble like a flower growin’ through the concrete, stay grateful for all the people that I get to meet.
Be thankful and forgiving as much as I can.  But I give myself grace cause I am only a man.
Only got two hands, but I’ma use both of them. Wrap them round my neighbors just to let them know I’m knowin’ ‘em.
Huggin on my family we growin’ every day.  And I pray that we all grow this way.



These days even my closest of cohorts are telling me it’s a waste
and that society is fine and it’s me that should change
But stubborn and convinced that I know my own name
And that the revolution can and will take aim
Now when shit needs to be done, I do.
I walk my talk and walk right through
Said the hills of Babylon the road we travel on
Eventually will come true
Well I say the message that was meant for us all
I wish that everyone would hear the call
But I guess I’ll take the weight.  No time to waste
Cause soon these walls will fall
I said things have gotten out of hand.  It’s time to unify the land
I said people and planet places and things all being put back together again

What a blessing of life. One that is eternal
Harmonious structures. Internal. External.
Living in life with one hand off the wheel
Acceptance of what is and what isn’t real
Well I’m just here for the thrill of it all. (x2)

Well it’s all these lessons learned through hard ways
Well it’s all these blessing disguised as hard days
I’m consumed and in awe.  I’m trying to draw conclusions but I’m too amazed
I see the way the water meets land
I see the way the the strings meet my hand
I see mountain arise, collide with the sky
What a bliss to be part of the plan
I see human interaction going to another level
My brothers and my sisters want to grow and rebel
Speaking of new days, speaking of new ways
Well the planets are aligning, time to fly away


The sights, the sound, the sky, the ground,
the sound, the word, the shepherd, the herd
With so much to see, so much to be
So much to bask in so go and be free
Run with your shoes off, run into the sky
Your instincts are perfect, be free, you can fly
With so much to see, so much to be
So much to bask in so go and be free
So much so much to see (x4)



Spending our days under Kali's feet
Trying to awake those who still sleep
I wanna get back to the ancient ways
Burnin up herbs cause I want to stay

Living in the land of forgotten space
Watching all the sheep go from place to place
I don’t want to be the shephard
So I’m writing you this letter

So I sing to the spirit let it follow me
Take my words and teach me how to speak
I wanna sing for the people cause I know the time is now...
For one race on love the time is right now(x2)

What a mess we created with our ways and means
With the end goal money every time it seems
In our search for currency
We've wrecked the world and currently she's doomed

What in the hell will become of it all
Great Mother I can hear your troubled call
But me and my brother's on a mission now
Gonna change the world just not sure how


Sit here and act like we didn’t even know no better
Or take accountability and try to make a little bit better
We are the ones that were aiming to save
One love, one world, one heart, one race

I wanna get back to the ancient days
Burnin up herbs cause I want to stay


They come from the mountains
They speak for the trees
When we come to town we only, take what we need
We live amongst the breeze and the breaks and the bears
Deer and the antelope collect their share
Powder in the winter put a smile on my face
Rosebud in the spring is a sacred place
Home of they indigenous warrior code, the place of this spirit is my humble abode
Aho, (washtay e-lay)(x2)

Mountain people, firm like the stone on the hills
Mountain people, gather what the other folks spill
Said i belong to the mountains my, spirit and my heart
Roots so deep they cant be torn apart
Mountain People (sing out)

Said we drive, to the top of the world,
blow smoke to the gods insecurities I hurled
Off the plateau on my way to Silver Run
Shedding skin, shedding fear, man that guilt weighed a ton
Felt the water rushin down rushin down Woodbine
Knew my life had new purpose when I stepped inside
Put the water on my head, baptized my self
River washed away all the harm i had dealt
Felt the spirit on the ramp, starin’ down the canyon
This is where were from and the peaks are my companions


When I'm gone I never stay away too long
Away from my peaks and my people man it just feels wrong
I will be here for the rest of my days
When I die... cast my body.. to that sacred place


I no longer fear the unknown
Cause I know what I am here for
I keep on troddin’ on my own path
Keep on learnin’ from my present and past
I no longer need validation
Cause my story is long and I’m patient
I know I have lessons to learn, keep my heart open each step I earn
No need for me to feel alone, cause I got a place that I call home
every single road traveled, every single new place
I come back home and they accept me with grace
I know that I was meant to be here and I know that I was born into fear
But I will stand tall in the lions den, cause I know in my heart I am one of them

There are lies in the facets of everything that we see
Telling us to be scared, when all we ever are is free
I'm letting go of the things that don’t serve me no more
I am holy and sacred and righteous and true
I deserve to be here and so do you

I'm in a constant transition constantly changing vision
story never certain there is always a revision to be made
I think about the demons i have slayed, I am not afraid of confrontation in vain
To the people that seek evil, not as peaceful as I look
A warrior at heart so precaution must be took
Trying to give in, to the lessons that will soften, my ways and means are changing cause I talk to spirit often
Tell me to stay sharp, tells me to stay present
Tells me to ignore the fools and focus on accent
I will starve my ego, I will remain strong
I will make mistakes and I will often be wrong
I’m perfectly imperfect and I’m only here to learn and all the evil on the path gets burned


The pressure always comes from the outside
Try not to let it in where i reside
This is my home, my heart, my voice, my love, my life, my path, my voice
I feel my heart grow with each step
Stand firm in where the path goes next
I know that where it goes is where it needs to be, the more lessons rained down more blessings I see



Through my life I have found, fear comes in all shapes and sizes
A master of the fortress, a master of disguises
We used to run free, no fear of where we'd go
And we used to love free, not scared of being alone
These times can be returned to if we use the light
That was shown on from above in our quest for wrong and right
We got to be, be like the tree, firm in your roots but expanding to see
See, use both your eyes, and if they are covered then look inside

Go do you. Travel far. Share your stories and earn your scars
Its you. You are the one, you will answer to when this life is done
Don’t waste a minute, jump in the river, wash yourself clean so you can deliver you
The story of you(x3)

I said I have lied, a portion of my days
Trying to hide, who I was and how I was made
But I found strength in struggle, pride in the trouble
My story's still going still sifting through rubble
These are the days we were told to fear
But when it is open is when it is all so clear
Clear like the sky, shapeless and open right after she cries
Cause the storm, has washed it away.
Let the water rain down I am here to stay (x2)

I know I, I was made for so much more
And I know you, you were made for so much more


I used to spend my days sittin’ and wishin’
That I could get permission to change my position
Instead of sitting in division, I honed in on transmission, beat my self into submission and strolled into remission
I guess its my decision when I say I'm on a mission
For divine recognition of that god head listen
To the light that is shown right in front of you
You already know what it is you gotta do
I say, go with the flow and don’t exert to much force
When you are in doubt you gotta stay the course
Keep your eyes forward to the light that will shine on
All of us together cause were headed toward zion…



These days its hard to be, hard to let go, its hard to see
It seems there’s always something
Trying to keep us down. War of a world turned upside down
but I see love so sing it out.
This song is timeless, transcending the world and unscathed by violence
I wont let them harden me
I know theres work to do, put my gloves on said I'll work with you
Cause I know we can be the change

Sometimes its hard, but it must be done
I'm gonna be love, I'm gonna birth strength
Gonna be where I'm at and give thanks
Take my time admit when I'm wrong
Write it all down and sing a new song
I'm gonna be free, gonna be me
Cause I know that its all that I have to be
I'ma be bold, find strength there of
I'm gonna be Love

I need my momma to tell me that everything is ok
I need my father to call me and say "remember to pray"
I need my brothers and sisters in different phases
Reminding me wherever I'm at, thats where my place is
I know I wont be here long, I know that I'm often wrong, but I got this song
And I was meant to sing it, if you got one come bring it
Let go of hate and we'll co-create, a song that could heal the nations
No more waitin, twiddlin my thumbs but I lost my patience,
time to unify cause thats where the strength is
I know its hard to be the change,
with everything lookin so strange
Gotta stay hopeful, gotta make time to pray,
we need guidance if were gonna try to lead the way



Its all a game. The way they doin us now
Trying to get found but we don’t know how
We’ve been made, to believe
That everything is exactly how it seems
Except for the section of my people representin’
The cause and collection of divine interventions
that are coming more and more(x2)
They say they'll fix this but leave that broken
They spit lies but leave truths unspoken
A revolution will come and its on its way
Power to the people trying to seize the day

We've been captive too long
Raisin up the people with the power of song, souls sing
Souls will sing
No more holdin on, were gonna be who we be gonna soldier on
Cause were free(x2)

Party politicians with their false inferiority
A small group of snakes, speaking for the majority
Don’t know about you, but those are not my leaders
Lies they emit, I am not a believer
A system built to protect only a few
of the upper class, but what are we supposed to do
Strugglin and jugglin, Im livin check to check
I'm broke but not broken and I have no regrets
People always ask sayin what is this
Why are these Satsang boys so resistant
Because the music on the radio is impotent
We're hear to tell you that the revolutions imminent


I don't need no institution to tell me how to think
I live my life staying conscious in between the blinks
This is my heart, my mind, written line by line
To inform the people that this is our time
This is what the message is, so tell your parents and your kids
We were all born free so break your shackles in the present tense
No amount of money gonna take it away
No amount of government gonna make me sway
No amount of dollars and no amount of bills
No amount of policy gonna fix these ills
Til we awake and arise, cause this is our time